Artist Profile

Tom Braxton

As a Jazz saxophonist, Tom Braxton has garnered critical acclaim for over two decades.  His music can be found on radio and television nationwide, and his albums have his numerous jazz charts including Billboard, RadioWave,, Groove Jazz Music, Capital Jazz Radio and Amazon.

Blake Aaron

“a genius on the guitar” – The Los Angeles Times

Guitarist Blake Aaron has taken the Contemporary Jazz world by storm recently with a
total of FIVE #1 Billboard Singles!

Following in the footsteps of the smash album Color and Passion, which had THREE #1
Billboard singles and one #1 Song of the Year on the Radiowave charts for the year
2019, Blake Aaron’s upcoming album release, Love and Rhythm rockets out of the gate
with another TWO #1 Billboard singles, “Feels So Right,” and “Dreamland.” Now a
Billboard #1 producer himself as well as artist with his self-produced, silky-smooth “Fall
for You,” as well as producing Billboard #1 songs for other artists, Aaron also teams up
with hit producers Darren Rahn for the #1 Billboard single, “Groovers and Shakers,” the
1 for all of 2019 Radiowave single, “Drive,” with Greg Manning for the #1 Billboard
single “Feels So Right,” and with fellow hitmaker Adam Hawley for TWO #1 Billboard
singles, “Sunday Strut,” featuring saxophonist Najee, and the most recent #1 hit,

Aubrey Logan

She’s a singer. She’s a trombone player. She’s a songwriter. She’s a performer.

It would have been a lot easier if Aubrey Logan would have just picked one. But she’s never been one to be pigeon-holed. She lives her life outside the box and that makes her difficult to define. And that’s OK with her because she purposely defies definition.

Her Top 5 debut album in 2017 helped establish her as one of the premier young singer-instrumentalists in the country. Her participation in Dave Koz’ #1 album, Summer Horns in 2018 helped cement her position. But it was her own #1 album in 2019 that really helped Aubrey Logan become a household name with music aficionados around the world. Because it was that album, Where the Sunshine is Expensive, that showed the depth of songwriting that she’s capable of.